FROM THE BOOK JACKET: In our era of information overload, it's harder than ever to break through to C-level decision makers who are already bombarded with "digital outreach." Use only email and social media, and you'll hit a brick wall. On the other hand, relying simply on cold-calling is a thing of the past. To connect with these impossible-to-reach executive buyers, you need to be bold but smart, using powerful strategies that combine proven, old-school values with new-school techniques. You need COMBO Prospecting--finally, the funnel prequel to SPIN Selling and The Challenger Sale.

An internationally respected sales leader and widely read business blogger, Tony Hughes has written an invaluable handbook for 21st-century sales professionals and entrepreneurs that's filled with specific approaches for achieving success. His potent COMBOs will help you gain access to top-level prospects in order to secure meetings and ultimately make the sale.

Tony's practical strategies will enable you to:

Master deep-dive research using LinkedIn and other social media platforms *Create an effective value narrative with powerful scripts and templates *Select and use the very best sales enablement tools for success *Identify "trigger events" and optimize referrals to create engagement *Nurture a strong and empower-ing network that helps you thrive *Construct an online brand that really packs a punch--and more.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tony J. Hughes is a respected sales leader and consultant with three decades of winning experience. He is an award-winning blogger, coveted keynote speaker, and top LinkedIn B2B sales influencer.

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